A great and busy month with many celebrations. A month in which many people love to be a blessing to others and in which the poor are so blessed by receiving gifts. We’re grateful to be part of this and to be a blessing to many.

The graduation ceremony of the 5 year old children, which is a big happening in Peru (called: ‘promoción’).

The women group doing a Christmas craft and Bingo.

Churches, businesses and families are blessing the poor by handing out gifts, paneton (typical christmas bread) and chocolate milk. Often it goes a long with a show or festivity.

Our teenagers, having a beautiful gala to finish the year 2017.

With about 300 people, we had a special meeting to celebrate Christmas and to close the year. With different acts, the beautiful video of the Brazos children  and the graduation of 12 adults who have finished their primary or secondary school.