Open day

Last week we had our ‘Open Day’. Which means that the children of Brazos Abiertos presented their work. It was all about ‘The Creation’.

The teachers, parents and children had done a wonderful job. We’re so proud of them, especially to see how they all have grown in creativity and how these little ones dared to step out and present their work.

The women of Brazos Abiertos present their products

Necklaces, bags, hats, home made jam and more….. our women have learned a lot these past months and that should be presented! Last week we got a visit of a Fairtrade business from the Netherlands and Peru, who are interested in buying these products. For some of our women presenting is something natural, for others it is something too scary, to get that much attention. But they did it and we’re so proud of these women who’re stepping out more and more.

One of the women is facing a hard time at home, because of violence at home. She had a big smile on her face and shared: ‘this encourages me to keep on going’.

Field trip

Recently, all preschool children of Brazos Abiertos went on a field trip to the Zoo. Most of them had never been there so it was an unforgettable experience. We’re very grateful for our sponsor who made this.

Classes have started!

Daily we have 60 children coming to our pre school Brazos Abiertos.

Most of them super happy and for some of them it’s hard to adjust to school life.

We’re grateful for our teachers who’re doing a great job.