Field trip

Recently, all preschool children of Brazos Abiertos went on a field trip to the Zoo. Most of them had never been there so it was an unforgettable experience. We’re very grateful for our sponsor who made this.

Classes have started!

Daily we have 60 children coming to our pre school Brazos Abiertos.

Most of them super happy and for some of them it’s hard to adjust to school life.

We’re grateful for our teachers who’re doing a great job.

Vacation Bible Club

This week we’re having a special program @ Brazos Abiertos: a Vacation Bible Club. Every morning more than 70 children in the age group 5-11 come over to our church building. They learn more about God and have lots of fun activities. In the afternoons there’s a special program for teenagers. We’re very grateful to be able to sow in so many lives. And we’re  grateful for our staff and volunteers who make this possible.

Run 5k

More than 750 people ran this weekend. Among them some of our workers, teenagers and women.

Peru Generoso was the organizer of this big event. Through this 5K run support is raised for Brazos Abiertos and another foundation that works among children.