Upgrading class

As a ministry we try to respond to the problems that are presented to us. And if God opens the doors, then we can enter..

In this same way it worked with our new upgrading class. One day we were presented to a few children who  hadn´t been able to study for at least a couple of years, due to sickness and other reasons.

Result was that the children had a level far below as their agegroup should have. God sent us our new volunteer and teacher Juanita, a middle aged woman with tons of experience. With this we decided to start the class to prepare the children for regular education. We hope that they will be able to enter normal education in one year time.

After the first kids, many more came to us, which resulted, unfortunately in a current waiting list.

A project, which only can succeed with the help of God to restore the lifes of thes children.

Meanwhile we can count with the help of a psycholgist, a therapist and a doctor.

God is great for these treasures!!