Going out with the church

This Sunday we enjoyed a great day, with the members of our Brazos Abiertos Church. We’re thankful to God for our 4 sisters who declared their faith and got baptised. Besides that, we had a beautiful time of fellowship, playing games, having lunch and of course, swimming.  


The VBC (Vacation Bible Club), last week @ Brazos Abiertos, was a great succes. Through the theme GPS (Guideline to salvation) we were able to reach out to many children and teenagers of the area we’re at. It was so much fun; the games, the songs, the theaters and so much more. Thanks to our…

Team USA

This great mission team from Southbrook church Wisconsin USA, helped us last week to construct a new classroom, to change the roof partly and they did so much more. We’re very grateful for the way they shared and gave so much of themselves to the work we’re doing here at Brazos Abiertos.


Christmas, celebrating the end of this school year and graduation of the adults. All in one great celebration!  


Baptism of July: “Gods Word has changed me and gave me life”

Shine like a Star

Our first women’s day out had the theme: ‘Shine like a Star’. Un day not to forget. We laughed, we played games, danced, prayed and cried. We’re very thankful for the Light of Christ, that makes us shine.

Course for couples

This weekend, we gave our first ‘course for couples’ in our Brazos Abiertos church. Thanks to our guest speakers Alfredo and Ligia from Colombia, we were able to bring restoration and to equip couples by sharing God’s principles for their lives with them.

Fancy Fair

The first ‘Gran Feria’ or ‘Fancy Fair’ was a great success! We thank everyone who helped and / or visited us on that day. The goal is reached; the money needed to buy school books for the new school year.