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Fiestas Patrias

Fiestas Patrias 2022

We celebrated Independence Day, with all parents and children of our Brazos Abiertos School.

‘My daughter, beautiful you are’

An incredible beautiful day with our Brazos Abiertos moms and their daughters!

The topic of this day: ‘My daughter, beautiful you are’

It was an incredible day with time of reflection, meditation, games and lots of fun.


School has started!!

Many happy faces and lots of tears….. Finally our school is open, after 2 years of distance learning. We’re so excited, to have our classrooms filled with children. Thanks to our great team, we daily receive 160 children to our Brazos Abiertos School.

Blessed 2022

The Brazos Abiertos team and volunteers, wishing you all a blessed 2022.