Grateful we celebrate our anniversary; 10 years Brazos Abiertos!

This Saturday, the 12th of June, we celebrate and give thanks to God, in a special Church servica at our Brazos Abiertos Church. Sunday, the 13th of June, is a family day of celebrating, playing games and have food; for all the families of Brazos Abiertos.

Happy Mothers day

Nothing can stop them! Our Brazos Abiertos Elementary School team visited the houses of the moms, to sing them a Happy Mothers Day. They were touched and so blessed through this beautiful song.


We did it!

As a team, we did a sports challenge of 15 days in a row, to create new habits. And we did it! And even better, we’ll continue doing sports twice a week for 20 minutes, through Zoom and present at Brazos Abiertos.


Fiesta de Colores

Vacation Bible Club online! ‘Fiesta de Colores’.

It’s a colorful party, entering to the houses of the families of Brazos Abiertos, this week.

Seminar for Couples

December 11, 12 and 13 @ Brazos Abiertos Church, it was a great succes!



We are happy to announce the start of our phase 1 of the construction of Brazos Abiertos. The phase consists the construction of a 3 story house over a 120 yards’ area, which gives space to several Elementary class rooms, conference rooms and hospitality rooms for visiting teams and volunteers. We are very grateful to all our sponsors who enable us to make our necessary growth possible. But, we´re not there yet. Of the total construction costs; 225.000,- USD, we raised already 142.000,- USD. This means we need 83.000,- to finish phase 1! Specifications on the costs of phase 1 (or the other phases) our available on request. Please add to your donation the comment ´construction phase 1´ so we know where it´s for. Thank you and God bless you.