Volunteer Sjoerd

My name is Sjoerd and I went on a working holiday at Brazos Abiertos for 2 weeks with the young people from my community.

I enjoyed every moment at Brazos Abiertos and gained many memories and experiences!
In the 2 weeks that I was here I was able to experience a lot from Peru and the organization Brazos Abiertos. For example, I helped people in the neighborhood strengthen/build houses and install fences.
We also organized activities such as a strongman/woman competition and were able to help organize Peru’s independence celebration.

I was also able to help the children in the school with English and sports. I also learned a lot at Brazos Abiertos, I thought it was special how the people there believe. The people at Brazos Abiertos and from the neighborhood itself believe in a different way than we do in the Netherlands, they have little, but their faith is strong and pure.
The people were also really grateful for the work we did! (Or even our very presence)
It was a valuable and special experience that allowed me to grow a lot!