Women’s Club

This ministry can be found at both “Nueva Juventud” and “Estrellita” and it aims to take Jesus’ cross to the hearts of the women of the local area and to also liven up their lives.

What do we do?


Every Wednesday we offer sewing and costume jewellery classes at the “Nueva Juventud” premises. In these classes the women learn how to sew and those who are at a more advanced level help in our tailor shop. In the costume jewellery classes the women learn how to make a variety of jewellery, necklaces, bracelets, earrings etc. The money made from items sold is split 50/50 between the women and Brazos Abiertos.

Women’s Club

Every Thursday we open the doors to our “Estrellitas” premises in order to welcome in the ladies who live locally. We offer them a wonderful morning with something to eat and drink, an activity and a devotional. We do activities like knitting lessons, baking lessons and how to make things out of recyclable items.

We believe that God loves the women who live locally despite the fact that they live a life of poverty, solitude, family conflicts, physical and mental abuse at the hands of their husbands and/or family members. The majority of them have the “I cannot do it” “I cannot change my situation” mentality. It’s by these activities that we want to offer them a place where they can be distracted from their problems and converse with neighbours and find ears that listen and hearts that care and are ready to pray for them and with them.