and more…

Thanks to many volunteers we´re able to offer a variety of events during the year.

Whole sale of clothes
Experience has taught us that donating everything to the people, simply generates and increases the poverty spirit in them. Therefore we charge them a minimum amount (about 0,15 US) to buy their piece of clothing. With that they value what they buy and will take of it better. To those who live in extreme poverty, we hand out tickets to get a certain amount of clothing for free. It´s a big blessing to be able to offer this to the community.

Medical campaign
Many people of the community don´t have the funds to get good medical attention. Therefore we´re very blessed with specialists, who separate a Saturday or Sunday every 6 months (or less), to give their attention they need. Dentist care, handing out of glasses, psychologists and many more to generate a better quality of life to them.

When we have foreign volunteers, we often give English teaching workshops. It´s a blessing as it helps to raise their self esteem, just by learning a new language.

And more…
Cosmetology, aerobics, singing and music. All depends on the voluntary who comes and applies the talents God gave him or her.