The project ´La Cosecha´ (the harvest)

In the jungle of Peru we started a project to grow cocoa as one of our efforts to generate funds for the ministry. In the jungle we find a lot of poverty, both economical as spiritual. In regular occasion Jordi flies out to the jungle in order to supervise the work and also give bible training to the working team.

The churches in the area are very isolated and only rarely do the pastors go to the city to receive training. We offer them preaching and training to be used in their churches. Due to the lack of libraries we bring bibles and biblical literature and also Sunday school materials which can be used in their church.

The public schools are very small and isolated and there is a big lack of Christian education. We offer them an interactive Christian program which involves games, songs and a story. It’s quite an experience to find that everybody, young and old, soaks up the Word like sponges.