School Reinforcement

This program is aimed at primary school students in 1st grade through to secondary school students in 5th grade. Not only are they supported with homework but they are also reinforced academically in the area in which they most struggle.

Most of the children and adolescents who participate in this program come from homes where parents do not have the tools to support their children academically, from schools where each class has at least 40 students, teenagers who study in schools with no license to teach because they’ve not had a traditional education. Many of these students have only heard the “I can’t” at home and at school; this time not only allows us to get to know them better and help them with their homework but it also allows us go plant in them a new identity as children of God, and quieten the lies they have heard for so many years.

We welcome these students after school hours (i.e in the evenings for those who attend school in the mornings) and also before school hours ( i.e in the mornings for those who attend school in the afternoons). It is pleasing to see them gradually develop values that we believe is a blessing to them, for example:

– Value things and everything they do.

– Helping one another, considering others as their neighbour and family.

– Looking after the place God has given us.

And one of the most important values we see them acquire is the “Yes I can” , it’s great to see how God distances them from “I can’t” and see them start to believe that He has greater dreams for them.