The new building of Brazos Abiertos

The new building of Brazos Abiertos

In the same community in which we work, with the help of our sponsors, we were able to purchase a piece of land of 960 yards! Now we are ready to build our final building.

In this new building, we´ll be able to offer all the current programs and many more….

We ask your prayers for all of the following steps, such as permits, licences and provision in all the areas of construction.

Together with an architect and an education specialist, we´re finalizing the design.

If you´re interested to see how you can participate in this project, such as materials, money or personal participation, send us your email at

The construction is divided in several phases:


Phase 1 Tubes, underground wiring, sewer and floor.

Phase 2 Construction of the 1st floor

Phase 3 Construction of the 2nd floor

Phase 4 Construction of 3rd floor, finishing with a sports court on the 4rd floor.


We´ll inform you as we advance in the project!