Teenagers (Extreme Challenges)

Ministry for Young People – “Extreme Challenges” – “Desafios Extremos”

This is a program directed at young people particularly between 12 years and 18 years of age. Through the use of games and dynamics those youngsters involved in the program have space to enjoy the wonderful stage of life at which they presently find themselves, and it is through this program that their eyes are opened as to just what God can do for them.

One of our rules in this ministry is that the words “No i cannot” do not exist in our vocabulary. It’s within this group that we see how each of the young people begins to see the world and life in a different and instead starts believing that regardless of their age they can have an impact not only on society but also within their own home and family.

Each member of the staff involved in this ministry understands that in engaging with these teenagers, we actually have dreams for them, and truly believe we are ministering to future professionals, business men, pastors, leaders, internationally recognized musicians, and why not even mayors, congressmen and the President that Peru so desperately needs. “Desafios Extremos” allows its participants to engage in certain activities that we consider will help us make this dream into the reality God has planned for them.

Games Room : A place in which we will be able to relate to the teenagers, it is not just a place to have fun and a good time but also a place where the youngsters can see that God takes an interest in just what’s happening in their lives.

Saturday School : By the use of games, dynamics and the Word of God the teenagers can start to get to know just exactly who they are. They begin to see they are part of God’s plan, and it begins to sink in that regardless of their circumstances, the location of their homes and their living conditions, God will act in their interests, God has good plans for them; not bad plans.

This program was also started so that it’s participants are able to discover just what gifts and talents God has given them. This program gets youngsters dreaming about their future and it’s via this program that they it becomes realized that lack of money should not cut their dreams short, as God is great and their dreams should be just as great.

Discipleship for teenagers : This is a more intimate program where the teenagers themselves start to feel the necessity of getting to know God better and understand that God is the source of wisdom. Not only do they learn more about the bible but they are also taught the concept of leadership.

Camping Trips: In this ministry we organize two annual camping trips, each one being very different from the other. The idea is not just to have a fun weekend away but also to get to know God better. This is a time in which God can start to heal certain wounds of the heart, and the youngsters are challenged to make a difference and stand out and not just conform.