Who are we

We are Brazos Abiertos (Open Arms), a ministry from Youth with a Mission Lima, Peru. In 2011 we started the ministry with a team of 5 devoted missionaries with a passion for families. With the passion to restore the image that God had and has for families, we started working in the slums, just outside Lima.

The area where we work is known for the great amount of slums which appear and grow in great velocity. Brazos Abiertos is at the moment the only ministry that works in a community called Nueva Juventud, a slum which counts more than ten thousand people, in which the majority live in poor to extremely poor circumstances. In every activity we offer, the focus is to equip the family and bring them under the wings of God. We sow into the families some important values, of which the most important is:  YES……I CAN !!!  Because of the low self-esteem and the lack of stimulation, many people feel destined to stick in poverty, both physical and emotional. We teach them to dream again and focus on the possibilities in life.

Besides the regular programs, we offer monthly cinema for the youth, health programs and other activities that come on our way. Also we run a project in the jungle where we work with schools, churches and run a cocoa field for future income. Soon we will be starting more activities for teenagers, fitness program to attract the men, aerobics for women and music classes.

We are part of YWAM Lima. For more information: www.ywamlimaperu.com.