Mission trip to San Cristóbal de Tambo

Thank God and everyone who supported our educational outreach trip to San Cristóbal de Tambo in the northern highlands of Peru.
It has been an unforgettable experience sharing our faith in Jesus. Using music and physical education classes, as the evangelism strategy and what better to be surrounded by many mountains over 4,000 meters high, with a climate of 0 to 2 °C. It was very surprising to appreciate nature with very beautiful landscapes. Our time with the school children was very pleasant to serve them and brighten their lives, we work with children in preschool and primary school. The children live in the mountains of the northern highlands of Peru, 5 hours from the department of Huaraz. Their mother tongue is Quechua, but they also speak Spanish. To get to school the children have to take a long walk of one to two hours, but even so they are very happy to study.
Missionaries: Jorge (music) and Emmanuel (Physical Education).