Beauty day

It was a nice time with the moms of the women’s club, here are some testimonials.

For me it was a very nice experience because we had many women. But one woman in particular was very surprising. She was so tired, she came from her work and she decided to give herself this nice time. And she was the most beautiful of hers that came out of her and I saw her so relaxed and at peace that it was very gratifying to see her resting in the middle of everything. And I reiterate that this is what we want to get them out of their routines and see them smile and rest.

What I have been able to see is that each woman looked very different from the other days. Putting beautiful nails and hairstyles, cuts and makeup. I have been able to notice that, the change of the transformation and see how beautiful they are and take that time just for them.

It was not only for women, but also children could be given an opportunity so that they can have a haircut.