Mission trip Naranjal

With some church members of our Brazos Abiertos Church, we went to the north of Peru near the border of Ecuador to show the love of Jesus in the village of Naranjal. Together with the local church we had a great time in which we were allowed to encourage and bless the local church.

We were able to bless the children and teenagers with a great program of games, sports, drama, testimony and a beautiful message about Paul. At the same time, we could bless the pastors and Church leaders by providing a daily training for them and help the couples by providing a marriage seminar for them.

We are very grateful that we could be a blessing in this village on the bank of the Amazon River.

Kids Dance

A beautiful day with our little servants and their moms.

First mission – Brazos Abiertos Church

As a Church, we went on our first mission trip with 12 Church members. Our aim was to serve to YWAM base and Church in Ica. It was a great and blessed time; sharing the love of our Lord with the people of Ica and at the same time being so blessed ourselves.

Family day @ Brazos Abiertos

To celebrate our 10 year anniversary and Father’s day this month, we organized a family day. With family games that included the whole family. So much fun and working together. It was a great succes; over a 40 families participated, had fun and sang their best song ever.


Grateful we celebrate our anniversary; 10 years Brazos Abiertos!

This Saturday, the 12th of June, we celebrate and give thanks to God, in a special Church servica at our Brazos Abiertos Church. Sunday, the 13th of June, is a family day of celebrating, playing games and have food; for all the families of Brazos Abiertos.

Happy Mothers day

Nothing can stop them! Our Brazos Abiertos Elementary School team visited the houses of the moms, to sing them a Happy Mothers Day. They were touched and so blessed through this beautiful song.


We did it!

As a team, we did a sports challenge of 15 days in a row, to create new habits. And we did it! And even better, we’ll continue doing sports twice a week for 20 minutes, through Zoom and present at Brazos Abiertos.