Leaders of Brazos Abiertos got trained by professional coaches.

Child’s day

Celebrating ‘Child’s day’ at our Brazos Abiertos Church.


These weeks we have quite some teams and families coming over to Brazos Abiertos to visit, encourage and share. They not only are a blessing to our Brazos Abiertos team and families, they themselves get so blessed by having the opportunity to give away of themselves.


Child Sponsorships

In the last couple of weeks, 21 children have been sponsored!

Sponsorship means that school is being paid for that child and that the family receives help, if needed. We are thankful for all of our sponsors who contribute to the lives of this children.

One of these sponsored children is Reyes. Right now, he’s married and he is a proud dad since last month. He was our first sponsor child. In 2003 Jordi came to know him and we started supporting him (not only financially but as well with moral support). This made it possible for him to finish secondary school and to study for a career. Right now, Reyes has a job and is able to sustain his family.


The 9th of May, we celebrated not only Jordi’s birthday, but as well the 8th aniversary of Brazos Abiertos. In Peru it’s common that a church or school celebrates its anniversary every year. It was a very special day, which started with a breakfast all together; children, moms and our staff, more than 220 in total. All children presented beautiful songs and poems for their moms, to celebrate mothers day. And at night, during a ceremony of gratitud, our church was packed with people again. Mainly people of the neighbourhood had come. Some of them expressed their gratitude by giving their testimony. We are grateful to God for this celebration and that we may be part of the work that He’s doing, here in Peru.

Here an impression of 8 years of Open Arms.

Here an impression of the celebration of the 8th birthday of Open Arms.

Going out with the church

This Sunday we enjoyed a great day, with the members of our Brazos Abiertos Church. We’re thankful to God for our 4 sisters who declared their faith and got baptised. Besides that, we had a beautiful time of fellowship, playing games, having lunch and of course, swimming.