Family day @ Brazos Abiertos

To celebrate our 10 year anniversary and Father’s day this month, we organized a family day. With family games that included the whole family. So much fun and working together. It was a great succes; over a 40 families participated, had fun and sang their best song ever.

Grateful we celebrate our anniversary; 10 years Brazos Abiertos!

This Saturday, the 12th of June, we celebrate and give thanks to God, in a special Church servica at our Brazos Abiertos Church. Sunday, the 13th of June, is a family day of celebrating, playing games and have food; for all the families of Brazos Abiertos.

Happy Mothers day

Nothing can stop them! Our Brazos Abiertos Elementary School team visited the houses of the moms, to sing them a Happy Mothers Day. They were touched and so blessed through this beautiful song.


We did it!

As a team, we did a sports challenge of 15 days in a row, to create new habits. And we did it! And even better, we’ll continue doing sports twice a week for 20 minutes, through Zoom and present at Brazos Abiertos.


Fiesta de Colores

Vacation Bible Club online! ‘Fiesta de Colores’.

It’s a colorful party, entering to the houses of the families of Brazos Abiertos, this week.