Getting ready for a new school year to start. Thanks to Southbrook Church Mission team.

Graduation Adult Education

7 Adult ‘CEBA’ students, an adult education program that we host in Brazos Abiertos, received their Secondary School certificate. Which they celebrated with a ceremony, organised by themselves.


Sunday November 24th was a special day focused on community. A beautifull environment to spend time with each other and to strengthen each other. We were gratefull that we could baptize 2 women, who each one could share a powerfull testimony from how deep they came to get to place where they are now. Another victory for the Kingdom!

The yearly Brazos Abiertos event

The so called ´feria´ is held every year to raise funds for the next year school books of the children who study with us. The parents don´t have the means for it, but help out during this day, preparing food, managing games, etc. And besides a usefull event, it´s a lot of fun for the whole community! Inflabables, games for the whole family, wheel of fortune and much more. Also this yeas has been a huge success, thanks to all the volunteers who helped with the preparation and on the day itself!