Sunday November 24th was a special day focused on community. A beautifull environment to spend time with each other and to strengthen each other. We were gratefull that we could baptize 2 women, who each one could share a powerfull testimony from how deep they came to get to place where they are now. Another victory for the Kingdom!

The yearly Brazos Abiertos event

The so called ´feria´ is held every year to raise funds for the next year school books of the children who study with us. The parents don´t have the means for it, but help out during this day, preparing food, managing games, etc. And besides a usefull event, it´s a lot of fun for the whole community! Inflabables, games for the whole family, wheel of fortune and much more. Also this yeas has been a huge success, thanks to all the volunteers who helped with the preparation and on the day itself!


Visit of the Ywam team Pereira, Colombia

Last week the team from Jucum Pereira, Colombia was visiting. Great to see how the team was serving in the classes, church, teenagers, youth, evangelism in the neighbourhood and practical work. Thankfully they were a big blessing and we for them.

Volunteering at Brazos Abiertos?

Are you interested in volunteering at Brazos Abiertos? We need volunteers, short or long term. Please contact us here for further information and questions. You can also write directly to


Celebrating Spring

This week, our Brazos Abiertos students celebrated that Spring has began! Throughout the week they had different activities. One of them was making a head, out of recycled materials. The moms were a great support!


Leaders of Brazos Abiertos got trained by professional coaches.

Child’s day

Celebrating ‘Child’s day’ at our Brazos Abiertos Church.

Seminar Children at risk

Independence day

Celebration of Independence Day of Peru in Open Arms.


These weeks we have quite some teams and families coming over to Brazos Abiertos to visit, encourage and share. They not only are a blessing to our Brazos Abiertos team and families, they themselves get so blessed by having the opportunity to give away of themselves.