Going out

The school children had a beautiful day outing to a countryside field in Cieneguilla and others to the Voices for Climate Ecological Park. It was a spectacular day with soccer, volleyball, swimming pool and delicious Peruvian food. They also learned about the Peruvian sea and its marine wealth, as well as how to avoid pollution of its waters. The children saw several models of aircraft from the Peruvian Air Force. It was a good time together, laughing, telling jokes, anecdotes in the park and on the bus. In the end, strengthening coexistence between students and enjoying nature.

Pichanaqui mission trip

We went on a mission trip to the jungle in Pichanaqui with the church of Open Arms. We have worked, among other things, with the indigenous tribe of the Ashaninca in the town of Impitato-Cascada. It was a great trip where we got to share the word of God in different places and for different ages. Programs with sports and games for children and teenagers and education about marriage for adults. Grateful that a number of people and many children have given their hearts to Jesus. Nice to hear the testimonies of what God is doing. There was a man who was clearly touched by the word of God and a testimony and again made a choice to follow Jesus.


With the Brazos Abiertos team we had a great 2 days in Santa Eulalia. Team building and using the DISC test to look at the gifts, talents and character traits of each other. It was very educational and good to get to know each other better and work on the relationship. In addition, good food, games and a beautiful location, God is faithful and good, grateful.

Going out

The school children enjoyed the trips. Admire nature created by God, meeting animals such as monkeys, camels, etc. Other children were able to learn a little about the sea and its riches and the pollution caused by man and electricity. Other children met the peacock, the llama, saw and fed the goats, enjoyed cute games and a train ride. The trips were very nice.

Month of the Bible

Last Sunday we had the closing of the month of the Bible. A great time to take to the streets together and share the good news of Jesus in words and gestures.

School for parents

The teachers from Brazos Abiertos and the parents of the School analyzed the dangers that Social Networks represent for our children. Through dramatizations, dialogue and presentations, parents were warned of the need not to expose their children to cell phone use without adult supervision. Let us pray for the protection of our children and the care they need from their parents.

Month of the bible and fasting

The month of September is the month of the Bible and there are all kinds of activities in the church.

In addition, we regularly fast with the church, worship God and seek His presence.

Family games

Thank God we managed to have an amazing time. The power of unity brings blessing when working in alliance we can impact families and community. This event is proof of this that the unity of the church, regardless of denomination, can leave the four walls and bring Jesus to families that are still unreached. We spent a nice time playing games, with lots of fun, healthy competition, and focused on sharing our Faith and at the end ending with some fruits for all the families of the Nueva Juventud community.

We can make disciples through games and sports, this strategy breaks down barriers, social class and religion, so we can reach children and families more easily and with greater confidence.

Seeing children play and have fun with their parents fills us with joy and seeing them smile in a recreational time where they forget for a moment about life’s difficulties. And that is where many, upon hearing the message of Faith that there is hope in Jesus, return home transformed.

We invest time and effort as a team, we do it because we believe in the family and our desire is to see them united.
Matthew 28:19. Go and make disciples. Saving and uniting families.

Trip 4th grade

The teacher and the mothers of the classroom committee organized a trip to the children’s park. In order to celebrate the day of the child and promote sports, recreational and traditional games. Strengthen coexistence, unity and teamwork among students was good. With the support of the sports teacher and classroom parents who supported us with transportation. The children enjoyed a very good morning and also shared a delicious lunch. God is faithful.