Family games

Thank God we managed to have an amazing time. The power of unity brings blessing when working in alliance we can impact families and community. This event is proof of this that the unity of the church, regardless of denomination, can leave the four walls and bring Jesus to families that are still unreached. We spent a nice time playing games, with lots of fun, healthy competition, and focused on sharing our Faith and at the end ending with some fruits for all the families of the Nueva Juventud community.

We can make disciples through games and sports, this strategy breaks down barriers, social class and religion, so we can reach children and families more easily and with greater confidence.

Seeing children play and have fun with their parents fills us with joy and seeing them smile in a recreational time where they forget for a moment about life’s difficulties. And that is where many, upon hearing the message of Faith that there is hope in Jesus, return home transformed.

We invest time and effort as a team, we do it because we believe in the family and our desire is to see them united.
Matthew 28:19. Go and make disciples. Saving and uniting families.