90 days of lock down

In the meanwhile we have been in ´lock down´ for over 3 months now, because of the COVID virus. The Brazos´ school is closed, but the education continues. Thanks to the creativity of our staff, all the children receive daily classes through whatsapp, Facebook or the homework booklets they pick up every week. As many of the parents do not have internet, they come once a day to sit next to the Brazos building where they connect with our wifi, download or send the homework and on their way again. As some of the parents are illiterate or the child has severe learning difficulties, it becomes almost impossible for them to keep by. Those children come twice a week or more to Brazos to receive the help they need from our staff, respecting all safety protocols against infection.

As the lock down had a severe economical impact on the community, many of them were left without food. Thanks to many supporters, we were and still are able to reach out 3 times a week to over 150 families to hand out food packages. During those visits we share the gospel with them and pray for them. The people are very grateful and we praise God for His provision and guidance, every day!